How it works

With a few simple taps on the screen, a professional Line Concierge will be on their way to your chosen location. 

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SaF works by letting Clients hire a professional Line Concierge to place their name on a waitlist or hold a spot in line until arrival. 

Try everything on your Portland to-do list while skipping the dreaded wait times. Enjoy weekend brunch without the wait.  Pack in one more sight or take a few extra minutes to get ready. Enjoy your time and the best that Portland has to offer.


Waitlist Me

Flat Fee $10

For just $10, hire a member of our fleet to arrive at your chosen restaurant location in advance to place your name on the waitlist.

This is a quick and easy option to help with those 1 hour plus wait times at the hottest restaurant locations around town.*

*We cannot guarantee a seating if you do not arrive within the timeframe that is provided to you by our fleet.

Hire a Line Concierge

$12 first 15 minutes, $1.50 every 5 minutes thereafter

Worried you may not make it in time to be seated? Opt instead to have us wait at the location of your choice until you arrive!*

DMV option coming soon!

*Please note, some restaurants only serve patrons through a line system, and require us to wait in line until your arrival.