The Waiting Game - CNN Report

Recently, Jacopo Pristo of CNN wrote a fascinating article around the waiting game of waiting in lines. In his words, “You might have heard of a serpentine line, but did you know about jockeying and slips & skips? Enter the weird and wonderful world of waiting line design.”

The Serpentine Line

The Serpentine Line


Take a look at his deep dive around the psychological components of how waiting in long lines really effects the human psyche, particularly around how we perceive these experiences depending on the circumstances.

Think about the last time you were driving down the road and saw a huge line of people queued up in front of an establishment. The immediate thought is likely, “wow, I wonder what’s going on there!” It peaks interest and in this day age, can even elicit FOMO, the feeling of missing out. In the reverse, think about the long line you typically see at the DMV. That emotional reaction is one of dread. No one wants to waste their time waiting at the DMV for a transaction that will likely only take ten minutes.

Time is the most valuable thing we have, don’t waste it standing in lines. Explore the different experiences that line queuing has in our everyday lives and in different cultures with this exciting article from Jacopo.

Yalda Moshiri