Cut Your Wait Time, Not the Line

Did you know that Americans on average spend 37 billion hours each year waiting in line? According to a NY Times article, “the dominant cost of waiting is an emotional one: stress, boredom, [and] that nagging sensation that one’s life is slipping away.” Your time is valuable and that’s why we created the SaF app to empower you to maximize your time so that you can invest it where it matters most.

Why Hire a Line Concierge? 

How many times have you opted out of a favorite brunch spot because of the long line or delayed going to the DMV until the last possible date in order to avoid long periods of waiting? Now imagine no longer having to make these choices. Feels good right? Your wait is over. SaF empowers you to maximize your time by hiring a line concierge to hold your spot so you can invest the extra minutes where you choose. So sleep in a few extra minutes, grab a coffee, have a singalong in the car with your kids, or call your mom. 

Wait, This Isn’t Cutting The Line?

While this question is a valid one, the SaF app is not enabling people to play cutsies. Once a line concierge has been hired, they will head to the destination and put your party’s name on the list and stay to monitor the process. 

Take the Sunday brunch wait at Screen Door for example. Once a line concierge has been hired, they head to the restaurant and put your party’s name and size on the list. They then notify you through our app of the total wait time so you can plan for your arrival. The appropriate restaurant protocol is still being followed, only there is one person (the line concierge) waiting on behalf of the party, no one is cutting the queue. The line concierge stays in contact with your party and should you need extra time for any reason, they will update the restaurant who can seat another party if appropriate. 

If you’ve ever paid for Southwest Airlines’ Early Bird Check-in, you know the extra freedom this provides in enjoying the last 24 hours of your vacation knowing that you will get the perfect seat on your flight rather than spend your time preparing and remembering to check-in right at the 24-hour mark. The SaF app does the same for those long waits in line. We enable you to spend your time where it matters most and just show up when it’s your turn.

Enjoy the luxury of time and drop the emotional cost of waiting in line. Just as getting groceries delivered or ordering coffee ahead of time on the Starbucks app isn’t cutting the line at the grocery store or coffee shop, the SaF app encourages everyone to maximize their time by hiring a line concierge to never wait in line again! Download the app to get started.

Yalda Moshiri