Our fleet of professional line sitters will wait in long lines on your behalf and notify you when it's time to show up!

SaF is transforming the way you manage your time by empowering you to take a little bit of it back for yourself. There’s nothing worse than arriving at an establishment only to see a long line out the door. That’s why we created SaF. Our platform connects customers with professional line sitters who will travel the distance to stand in line on your behalf at your favorite restaurants, local DMV, or even the newest iPhone release. By hiring a line sitter to wait in long lines for you, you can enjoy skipping straight to the front of the long line instead!

Need someone to wait for you in line for at restaurants that don’t take reservations? How about show tickets, product releases, those hot new sneakers, or fashion sample sales? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Our trained and professional line sitters will wait for you instead so you can just show up and enjoy the experience!

Our goal is to allow you to maximize your time so that you can grab that extra drink with your loved one, snooze for an extra 30 minutes or make the most of the babysitter without wasting those important moments
just waiting around. With SaF, you never have to waste time waiting around again!

Why waste time waiting around when you could be enjoying life? 


SaF Definition

The origin of the name SaF comes from the Farsi language.
It translates to mean queue/line.

A line or sequence of people awaiting their turn to be attended to or to proceed.

Take one's place in a queue.

Line up, stand in a queue, form a queue, queue up, wait in line, form a line, form lines, get into rows/columns, fall in, file, walk/move in line; informalform a crocodile"we queued for ice creams"