Meet the Founders


Meet the Founders

Shahrzad Vossoughi (L) and
Yalda Moshiri (R)


Have you ever found yourself waiting in line for far too long? When co-founder, Yalda Moshiri found herself in line for brunch facing a 2-hour wait at 11:00am in Seattle, WA, she took to Instagram to share her experience. Yalda received an overwhelming response to the post. More than 70% of her community would rather pay someone to wait in line than waste two hours. We’ve all experienced waiting in line knowing our time could be better spent. 

One of the responders to Yalda’s post was her friend and fellow co-founder, Shahrzad Vossoughi. Coincidentally, as a mom frequently pressed for time, Shahrzad had been thinking about how this problem might be addressed as she was often facing long lines. Together, they decided this was a problem that needed to be solved, not just for the brunch crowd, but for any time when waiting in line gets in the way of life.

Saf, meaning “queue” in Farsi, is an homage to the Founders’ Iranian heritage. Yalda Moshiri and Shahrzad Vossoughi continually found themselves compromising valuable time with family and friends to wait in line at restaurants, the DMV or collecting show tickets. SaF is on a mission to connect our communities and enjoy the best that our cities have to offer.